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And just like that

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Sometimes all is right with the world. And just like, all is wrong. 
Sometimes all is wrong, and just like that, it rights itself. 
I'll probably never know the why's of a lot of things. 
Just now, I was feeling great. I took a last bite of my lunch, and got tremendous anxiety. About what, I have no idea. I thought I has food poisoning. Last time I thought that, my appendix ruptured. I don't think it's that this time. 
It's just your average, run of the mill, everyone gets this (right?.... no? lucky you), no big deal, can't really pin it down, anxiety. 

So many great things happening lately, that it seems ridiculous. And is. And how.
But there you have it. 

I've had a lovely couple of weeks. I went home. I saw my wife. I saw my family. I met new family. I saw some friends. I saw a jays game. And now I'm back. I'm looking to get in the swing of things. I have new TO friends here - which is super exciting. And I have work to do. 

So this is just a stop over blog on my way to getting back to work.
A way to deal with the anxious energy. A way to put it somewhere. 
A place to put it. 

Took some Passion Flower. 
Hopefully that helps. Back to it.