Antonio Cayonne | Actor

Pilot Season 2016

Antonio Cayonne

It's year 2 for me here. Almost. 

At the least, it's my second go at pilot season in Vancouver after lifting up my life and planting it in a new city. And I couldn't be more excited, more happy, and more at ease. I've been penning (for myself) a wrap up of all the things to celebrate from last year. A trick I got from Robin Sharma. And there were many. Big. Small. All worth celebrating. But the biggest is that I'm still here. 

I am about to get back to work, because there's an audition to work on. Because it's pilot season, and there will always be, and should always be, an audition to work on. But I wanted to take a minute and start the blogs off for the year. I stayed away from this forum for a bit, because I wanted to get my head right. Things are slowly coming together. 

Maybe in upcoming blogs I'll reflect on my past year, maybe I won't. I don't really know. I fly by the seat of my pants. What I do know is that among the things to celebrate was having the nerve to chronicle my journey through writing. I'm grateful to be able to put things somewhere, and set them free. 

It's year 2. Let's make the ceiling the floor and start living. 

Back to the prep .