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A film just broke my heart. It's not the first time that's happened, but this time it was different. It broke it by being too close to home; too visceral of an experience. That's the goal with good storytelling - good film making - to effect change in your audience. I wasn't the typical audience for this one. It's as if they took a part of my own tale, and played it out exactly as I've envisioned it. For better, for worse, every fear, insecurity, and doubt was up on that screen. And the hollow ring of my dreams are still reverberating off my insides. My bones are the tines that the notes are ringing out on. My soul amplifying every echo. The movie was beautiful. Brilliant. And profound. But for me, it was a bit deeper than I'd expected. I'm appreciative of this moment, and what I'm being given the opportunity to process. I can't wait to put it somewhere.