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A True Leap of Faith Never Fails (2.11.17)

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I work at a restaurant.
It's owned by close friends.
The day we opened, one of their Fathers gave them a framed photo with these words at the center of it - A True Leap of Faith Never Fails.
I read it everyday when I walk into the restaurant. It's their first.
And it was indeed a huge leap of faith. But their hearts were in it.
And they surrounded themselves with people whose hearts were in it.
Like me. 

2 years ago - Feb.10/15

2 years ago - Feb.10/15

Everyday when I read it though, I don't think of the restaurant. I think about that fact that I'm in Vancouver, and that I can feel the career I want opening itself up to me - like a flower blooming in slow motion. I think of the fact that the day I flew out happened to be my late Father's birthday - February 10th.
A birthday, coincidentally, shared by my father in law. I think of all the little steps over the years that brought me here: the ones that make sense, the ones I will never make sense of, the ones I can't let go of, and the ones I tuck myself into sleep thinking about. 

I have the words faith and reason tattooed on my arms. I've always believed that those are the two governing bodies; the lenses through which all decisions get made. We are each comprised of ever changing percentages of those two things.
I've always leaned heavier on reason. I feel I can trust it. I can see it. I can quantify it.
Faith hasn't been something that I've had much luck relying on.
But like I said, they are the two governing bodies, so I've always had some amount of faith.
We all do. Be it in myself, in the people I've surrounded myself in, or in the guidance of the green lights that guide my way. Like George Michael, I gotta have faith and wait for something more. 

Moving here wasn't entirely reasonable - though I spent a long time thinking it through. However, ultimately, the decision was made in an afternoon. The decision was made nearly purely on Faith.
A thing I had never done.
And I Leapt. 

Happy Anniversary Faith.
We've done well in the past two years.
Ruth Hill's interview is the best celebration of a decision that I could have asked for. Her kindness spoke right to my heart. I'm so grateful to be on this path in the way that I am, and to find so much support from such surprising and grounding places. It truly is humbling.