Antonio Cayonne | Actor

I hurt my ankle as a kid. I thought I was on a path to being a pro soccer player. I'm not sure I was ever good enough to realize that dream, but that wasn't about to stop me. I work hard. I hustle. I believe. Then I hurt my ankle really badly in a game and felt like I watched my life change. 

I was really angry in those days, and I'm not sure I knew it. I was a teenager so self-awareness wasn't really my thing. My dad was sick, and dying. My home life, as a result, wasn't the best. School wasn't top priority. And soccer was gone. 

I got lucky. A guidance counsellor saw what others didn't and put me in drama. Suddenly I had a place to put things. I had a way to connect. I had stories to share that were bigger than my own. I had a way out. And I loved it.

I got into a theatre school and haven't looked back. I get to be a vessel that helps bring a story to a person in need. Without knowing it, I had heard many stories growing up that framed how I thought, what I believed, and how I'd go on to respond. From Les Miserables to stories about Anansi, I learned life as though the lessons were embedded for me alone to discover, to learn from, and to grow. And now it's what I do.

Bringing narratives to life is exciting. Knowing they help people is rewarding. Stories can save lives, enrich lives, inform lives, and give life. I believe that.

Training includes:
The Ryerson Theatre School
Andrew McIlroy & Associates - Andrew McIlroy
The Actors Foundry - Matthew Harrison
Scene Study at Pro Actors Lab - Bruce Clayton
Meisner - Patrice Goodman / Jacqueline McClintock
Scene Study - Ben Ratner
Voice - Rae Ellen Bodie  




Height: 5'11" (which is tall)
Ethnicity: Dutch-Trinidadian (which makes me dark)
Looks: Handsome (yup. tall, dark, and handsome)

Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Brown (and soulful)
Hair: Dark Brown

Union: ACTRA & Equity