Antonio Cayonne | Actor

Stories need to be told.
They help us heal. They help us process.
They give us a language, a vocabulary, and a starting point.

As an actor, I gravitate towards the drama. I never thought of myself as particularly funny, but I do enjoy making people smile. I like to explore the parts of the human condition that force us to be brave, to be strong, to be resilient. To dream. I'm driven by joy, but I have to reach down everyday and pull it up from wherever it hides and remind it how much I need it. Joy keeps us alive, and the rest of life is just the beautiful mess that lines the way. 

ACayonne Headshot alt.jpg
I’m really enjoying watching the work of
O-T Fagbenle in The Five and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Cast him as ...
...the lawyer who turns down a big firm over their ethics, despite needing money for his family. 
...the superstar doctor who quietly has a harder time than most losing a patient. 
...the villain, who charms you into doing his bidding, despite knowing not to trust him, because no one is actually that nice. 

He's a 'boy-next-door' turned 'leading man' type who
came home from university more handsome, more responsible, and more charismatic. He's a great listener. He'll be a great father one day.

He's the 'nice guy' who stands up for what he believes in - doing the right thing even when it's difficult and the wrong thing when he has to. 

He's a natural leader. He's a problem solver. He's a guy you want on your team in the apocalypse. 
People trust him .  

He's not afraid to be vulnerable. He cries sometimes. The world can be a painful place, and that's ok.